Friday, May 11, 2007

Question for the week:

How does one go about changing from an introverted private soul to one that toot’s their own horn without becoming the kind of person who make people want to hide behind pillars when they see you coming?

If you are reading this in search of an answer, you’re reading the wrong blog though I do hope you’ll continue.

So if I am not going to answer the question why would I ask it, you may be thinking.

Let me tell you.

I am proud and excited to announce that in March I signed a publishing contract with ArcheBooks ( Check them out. They’ve published some really good reads such as The Mustard Seed, by Robert Gelinas and Don Juan Con by Sara Williams, just to name a couple that I have read and can recommend. They have also come out with an innovative concept – the ArcheBookZine – a full length novel but in magazine format without the ads. How cool is that!

Anyway, back to me. My first few days after receiving the contract went something like this:

Thursday - Received contract – Jumped for joy, kissed husband, raced around the room, kissed husband, reread the accompanying email at least a dozen times to make sure it said what I thought it did, kissed husband, then celebrated with champagne and lobster—(omitted following scenes in order to keep this blog family friendly).

Friday - Dropped signed contract in the mail and pretty much repeated Thursday’s routine, minus the lobster and champagne.

Saturday - Actually saw my name on the ‘Production List’ with my very own ISBN numbers by my title. Be still my pounding heart! Repeat of Thursday again minus the lobster and champagne (must wait for the book to be on the market and selling before partaking again!).

Now my jumping for joy is under control and my book is moving up the production list, I have to wonder what have I gotten myself into now!

I’ve never been down the publishing road before and have no idea of what to expect. Therefore, visit my blog often and come along with me as I go through the steps from contract acceptance to publication to marketing.

And if you have an answer to my question of the week, please let me know. Other helpful input and insights are also greatly appreciated.

Jane Sutton,
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Carole said...

OK, now I'm doing my jumping for joy act for you! How exciting! Something I've often thought about, and you are DOING it! Way to go, girl. May it be a most enjoyable ride! Carole

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