Thursday, February 14, 2008

Editing has Begun

The Ride is no longer sitting untouched on the editor’s desk or, to be more accurate, in the editor’s computer. I’ve been advised that the edited copy should be back in my inbox, and I quote, “by next week, if not before.”

If that’s good news, why do I have butterflies…no, too pretty… moths…no…vampire bats…yes…that’s it…why do I feel like I have vampire bats residing in my stomach?

I suppose it’s because my manuscript is now under the scrutiny of a professional and I have no idea what to expect. I’m hoping the process won’t be as severe as—

“The Review’s labyrinthine editing process does to the written word what the Cuisinart does to broccoli.” - David Margolick ( ).

Not pretty picturing my manuscript meeting a food processor.

I felt confident that the manuscript was in good shape when I submitted it but I’ve had almost a year to worry that perhaps it wasn’t. Lately, I’ve spent a few restless nights wondering, after a critical eye has dissected the manuscript, how much will I need to change, correct, add to or take away. Or, will I simply receive a note that says, “Ever think about taking English 101?”

However, I am trying to make myself think positive thoughts. One such thought is that I’m at least coming closer to being able to declare a winner of the “when will The Ride be published” contest.

If I’m not in over my head in editing symbols such as ^, sp, ⁄, ℓ, □, ○, #, x, ¶, stet, ital, bf, #, tr, etc., I’ll see you next week.

Thanks for stopping by.

Jane Kennedy Sutton
Author of The Ride (to be released by ArcheBooks Publishing)

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