Friday, October 17, 2008

Introverts and Marketing

“I'm an introvert at heart... And show business - even though I've loved it so much - has always been hard for me.” -Roy Rogers

Those of you who have followed this blog from its inception, know the aversion I have to marketing. I was hoping that once The Ride was released and I was forced to try my hand at an entirely new profession, my feelings would change. Like a caterpillar coming out of a cocoon, my introvert cloak would drop away and I would metamorphosis into a social, go-getter, bookseller extraordinaire butterfly. Well folks, it’s just not happening.

Through Nathan Bransford’s blog, I learned there was a blog for introverts, called Shrinking Violet Promotions. According to a quote on the site, nineteen out of twenty writers are introverts so I am in good company. Why does knowing someone else suffers from the same afflictions make us better? That might be a topic for another blog. Although anyone knowing the answer, I’d love to hear from you.

Shrinking Violet Promotions is in the process of drawing up a Bill of Rights for Introverts . My favorite so far is #4 - Introverts have the right to abstain from any marketing (or life) activities that result in boils, a resting heart rate > 120, and/or loss of any bodily function.

I decided to take that to heart and accept the fact that I cannot change from being a shy person to being an extrovert just because I find it would be a little more convenient for me. So I am thinking of hiring a publicist. I hate to spend the money but then again, it’s simply paying to increase my education on how the marketing world really works. Maybe by hiring someone to help me get my feet wet, I’ll be able to tread the waters on my own in the future. We’ll see. If you’ve had experience with a publicist, I’d love to hear your comments.

My marketing experience hasn’t been entirely awful. I’ve met some wonderful people such as Melinda at the LA Café and Coffee House in Lehigh Acres, FL and Don and Monica at One For the Books in Cape Coral, FL. They understand the plight of struggling authors. I’d like to thank them for displaying and selling The Ride. If you are in the area, I hope you’ll drop by these businesses. has a photo of an extreme introvert. It made me smile and hopefully it’ll do the same for you.

Thanks for stopping by. See you next week.

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