Monday, December 1, 2008

The Passage of Time

“The passage of time is simply an illusion created by our brains.” - A.M.W. Ball

If that quote is correct, my brain must be on turbo speed because the days are passing all too quickly. November was gone before it dawned on me that it had arrived. I have a feeling December will be the same way. I’d like to find a way to slow things down a bit so that I would be able to complete an entire ‘to do’ list in a day’s time. My subconscious is trying to suggest to me that it is just a matter of becoming more organized, but I’m not ready to listen.

Though I had the best of intentions, I still have not made the changes to my web page that I planned after the FWA conference. Keep checking back. I’ll get to it eventually. I’ve also fallen behind on my plan to blog a minimum of twice a week. So far the weeks have not lasted long enough for me to complete the task, but I’ll keep trying.

Though November ended all too soon, it did end on a really pleasant note when I read the review of The Ride on cindysloveofbooks. Cindy also followed up the review with an interview. I thought she asked some really fun and interesting questions. I hope that you will check out both the review and interview and leave a comment.

Maybe working on my organizational skills will top my list of resolutions for next year but for now, I’ll keep plodding along while time rushes by. However, if anyone out there knows the secret of slowing time down, please let me hear from you ASAP.

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Cindy said...

Thank you so very much Jane for your comments. It was truly a pleasure to read your book and then to interview you.

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