Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Best Books of 2008

"So many books, so little time." –Frank Zappa

I have read quite a few good books this year. But then I started checking out the lists of Best Books for 2008 and realized I have not read any of the top ten. Yet I read some excellent books. How can that be?

One reason, I believe, is that I have come across many new and emerging writers through various writing groups and conferences and have concentrated on reading their books this year. I know from my own experience with The Ride how difficult it is to find reviewers and to spread the word about new releases from unknown authors and small publishing houses. If any of these first time authors had been reviewed by some of the better known reviewers, would their books have made the list? Guess we’ll never know now.

If you are wondering what the best books of 2008 were, visit BookBitchBlog to find links to the picks by the Washington Post, NY Times, Amazon, Publishers Weekly, NPR and even Stephen King.

Many of the books on these lists sound excellent. But, if I start reading the best of 2008, I’ll most likely miss the best of 2009. Maybe I am simply destined to be a year (or two, or more) behind.

How many ‘best books’ did you read this year? Have you read a book that you think should have been included? Let me hear from you and maybe we can put together our own ‘Best Book of 2008’ list.

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Joan De La Haye said...

I'm also a few years behind, and when I have read the books that supposedly made it onto the must read lists I didn't enjoy them. But that's just me.

Anonymous said...

I have the same problem. My 2008 TBR pile isn't half done and 2009 pile is already starting.

A good element in this post - you asked a question at the end that invites and encourages comments. Good job.

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

Thanks, Marvin. And maybe soon we can figure out how to read in our sleep!

©Hotbutton Press said...

I do try to read a few of the books on Best lists. This past year, two of my faves were "The Sugar Queen" and "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle", both very good reads.

Got you on my blogroll now. See, commenting on other's blogs does matter!


artandwords said...

I have a bunch of 2008 books which I've get to delve into, though I'm eager to: "Enchantress of Florence", "Wordy Shipmates", the new (at the time) David Sedaris. I seem to run a year behind, piling up all my books for when I'm on vacation and can read without interruption.

For a good end of year "Best of" podcasts, have you checked out Books on the Nightstand (www. booksonthenightstand.com)? I really like their podcasts — they feel like hanging out in a coffeehouse with a book-loving friend.

Kris Waldherr
author of Doomed Queens: Royal Women Who Met Bad Ends, from Cleopatra to Princess Di

lucia said...

Great site. I really admire how you've set it up, and your comments. I'll look forward to your daily blogs.
All best, Lucia

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