Monday, May 11, 2009

The Tedious Task of Editing

“Anything you really want, you can attain if you really go after it.” –Wayne Dyer

Going after it, is what innovative marketing is all about. I’ve written several blogs on unique marketing techniques, such as Tao Lin selling shares of his unfinished second novel, or R.N. Morris Tweeting his first novel.

The latest marketing technique involves the tedious task of editing and was sent to me by Sandy Lender, author of Choices Meant for Gods and, the soon to be released, Choices Meant for Kings.

I don’t usually post videos because I know many people are too busy to take the time to watch them. However, I’m making an exception because The Editing Letter by Lara Zielin is funny and I can so relate to the issues addressed. If you are not an author, this is the perfect opportunity to look into the mind of one.

Unfortunately this is another promotional method I can’t take advantage of because my singing voice is… well… in all honesty, I’m severely ‘carrying a tune’ challenged.

If you’ve heard, tried, or seen innovative marketing techniques, I’d love to hear from you.

Also, I should mention that Sandy has an excellent trailer for Choices Meant for Kings. Don’t miss it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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L. Diane Wolfe said...

Brave woman! All things considered, she must have a great self-image.

L. Diane Wolfe

Anonymous said...

I actually like video clips on posts - long as it and also reading the post do not add up to more than 5 or 6 min I'll at least start to watch and if it grabs me I'll watch the whole thing. This one did. :)

Ideas? Here's one: Last summer I bought a booth at a Farmers Market in my hometown - it was very cheap - and sold a bunch of my books! My family and friends thought I was nuts - who at a FM are interested in books? But the fact that I was there, with an attractive display, all engaging and conversational, plus being a "local author" - I made more than enough sales to cover my costs and go home with a tidy profit and also a list of new people who wanted to be on my email list.

Helen Ginger said...

That's a cute video. Oh, how those nasty editors can mess with our minds!

Straight From Hel

Morgan Mandel said...

My latest venture is signing up to do a flea market on my Wisconsin vacations. I'll see how that works.

I also did Frontier Marketplace last year at the 4th of July celebration near my house, but that's all new items, not flea market items.

Morgan Mandel

Jane Kennedy Sutton said...

I agree Diane - not something we all could do. Marvin, I never would have thought of the farmer's market - great idea. Let me know how the flea market works, Morgan. That's another interesting idea. Helen, I thought some editors might get a chuckle from seeing how some writers react. Thank you all for the comments.

Chester Campbell said...

I can sympathize with you, Jane. I not only can't sing, I'd have a problem reading or narrating. A funny video, though.

Elizabeth Spann Craig said...

Yes, most of us (especially me) should leave singing out of the equation. I don't want to drive my readers away. :)

Getting a booth at local art festivals has worked for me in the past--I go in with other authors.


Karen Walker said...

Hi Jane,
Glad to hear someone else has issues with Twitter -
I loved this video - but I do like to sing and belong to both a chorus and a small ensemble group.
Hadn't thought about using that skill to sell my book, however. Hmm.


Galen Kindley said...

Very funny post, Jane, clever, cute, and…true. Thanks for finding and sharing.

Oh, btw, the video format works for me. Relevant, brief, and entertaining. ‘bout covers it all, I’d say.

Best Regards,Galen

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